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Business Coach with Post It Notes Planning Marketing activity

Want to know the secret to planning for your marketing success in 2023? You’ve been your business for some time and you’ve loved the journey but you’re not hitting your revenue goals… With the new year soon upon us, you’re looking to how you can have a bigger impact with your business in 2023. I […]

How to plan for marketing success in 2023


Lady contemplating

Entrepreneurship is the greatest personal development journey you’ll ever embark on. The personal and professional growth is like no other experience you’ll have in life. Every day you’re wearing many hats, especially when marketing your business is involved! You have to pivot. Daily. Sometimes more. The buck stops with you… This is also exciting and […]

10 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started My Business


Image of the Mindful Marketing Roadmap Marketing Strategy Plan

How to Write A Marketing Strategy As a passion-led entrepreneur, your business is your lifeline and that comes down to marketing strategy. It’s so personal to you, especially if you’re the face of the brand, and even more so if the brand is you! And one of the elements that moves the needle in your […]

How To Write A Marketing Strategy