How to Write A Marketing Strategy

As a passion-led entrepreneur, your business is your lifeline and that comes down to marketing strategy.

It’s so personal to you, especially if you’re the face of the brand, and even more so if the brand is you!

And one of the elements that moves the needle in your business is in your marketing. Yep, that ol’ gem…marketing.

And what drives it is a well thought out marketing strategy. Easier said than done though, right?

Marketing can be overwhelming as there’s so many moving parts to consider.

There’s also so many so-called “marketing experts” out there also who claim their way is the way. So how do you know what’s right for you and your business?

So I bet you’ve struggled with the back and forth of not knowing which way to go or how to do things. You’re frustrated because everyone is telling you their way is the way.

And what you want is a marketing strategy that’s aligned to your values and vision. Am I right? An aligned marketing plan that feels right to you and lights you up?

That’s why this marketing strategy approach is different

My approach is different because it’s what I call “aligned marketing”. Aligned to your vision and values…and it’s foundations are in three marketing pillars:

1. Promotional activity

2. Promotional platform

3. Promotional guesting

Marketing is a journey and I want you to feel excited and empowered to market your business, your way. And these three pillars will get you there. So let’s dive in to each one!

1. Promotional activity

Picture of Emily at her Podcast table with microphone

This is a channel you own and use to broadcast your messages to your audience. Think a Blog, Podcast or YouTube channel.

You’ve heard the term “organic traffic”, keywords and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). They’re all code for writing content that gets you “free traffic” you don’t pay for.

As your business grows, it’s important to create regular content to drive traffic to your website. This helps your audience find you and want to work with you!

And as this builds over time you’ll climb higher up the organic search results in good ol’ Google.

It’s how you:

  • reach more people
  • develop your presentation or writing skills
  • grow, connect and serve your audience

Needless to say, this is important. You want a long term marketing strategy that’s based on continuous growth. As an entrepreneur, you don’t want to be here today and gone tomorrow.

2. Promotional platform

Emily May typing on her latptop

The world has changed so much in the past two decades since social media entered the foray.

As a career marketing, I still remember marketing a brand without social media.

And we had to pay a lot of money for market research…now this is at your fingertips with social media platforms. How lucky are we!?

Social media can be both a friend and a foe as part of your marketing strategy

I want to encourage you to embrace it for your business. I also want to empower you to know you don’t have to be on a particular platform that doesn’t feel comfortable to you. If you struggle to feel motivated to use it, don’t. Simple as that!

Even if the latest social media craze or expert is telling you it’s a must, if it doesn’t feel right for you, don’t. Find a platform you DO like. And where your audience IS hanging out.

In the world of entrepreneurship, the channels most used are:

3. Promotional guesting

Two women networking and working together

There’s that old adage that you’re who you know…and it’s never been more true when you’re running your own business. It’s all about who you know and widening your circle.

Promotional guesting is what you do to promote yourself to grow your audience. It’s also about building your business through your networks.

In person and online networking are effective ways to get to know other entrepreneurs and business owners you can collaborate with. Through these connections you’ll develop win-win relationships, serve your clients and grow your audience.

Ideas include:

  • Guest speaking in Masterminds or group experiences
  • Expert speaking at an online or in person Conference Podcast guest
  • YouTube guest

So how do you use these ideas to create your 1 page Marketing Strategy?

Image of the Mindful Marketing Roadmap Marketing Strategy Plan

If you’re looking to move the needle in your business, my Mindful Marketing Roadmap will get you there.

It’ll help you create a 1 page Marketing Strategy that’s aligned to your vision and values. A Marketing Plan that will excite you inspire you.

You’ll then have a clear Roadmap for how you can build, nurture and grow your community and your business.

And, you know the best part? You’ll be so empowered to market your business, your way.

Feel free to comment below, connect with me on Instagram or join my dedicated community on Facebook: Mindful Marketing Network for Passion-Led Entrepreneurs

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Image of the Mindful Marketing Roadmap Marketing Strategy Plan

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Aug 31, 2022

Get your FREE Mindful Marketing Roadmap

Download to create a plan for your business that’s aligned to your vision and purpose. I want you to feel excited and empowered to market your business, your way.

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