Marketing Isn’t Just A Science — It’s Storytelling.

Your customers are buying so much more than a service. They’re investing in how YOU make them feel… And the transformation you’re creating.

It’s definitely not through… 
  • Writing emails from a template thousands of people are already using
  • Posting on social media channels you struggle to maintain or even understand
  • Binging on podcasts from every single marketing expert
  • Running Facebook ads whenever you can afford them
  • Investing in fancy funnels

Nope. It’s by showing them the REAL you — the personality that’s been trying to shine through for years.

That happens when you understand how to run your own marketing, on your own terms.

That happens when you understand how to run your own marketing, on your own terms.

The corporate world has the ability to wear down your confidence and your energy — and I can help you reclaim both of them.

Of course, there’s no shortcut to success. Your path is unique!

But there IS a system I’ve created that I can share with you — whether it’s inside one of my intimate group programs or through tailored 1:1 coaching — that’s been tested, proven to work, and can be highly customised to what feels right for you.

The question is, how do you win over their trust?

High-level planning. Systems. Organising. To most: it’s overwhelming and challenging. But it’s my chief love language and superpower — and your key to creating a sustainable, successful business!



Every offer I create walks you through my signature M³ Method – developed and tested over years of marketing, continuous learning and paying close attention to what *works* in the online space.

Everyone says their way is best, when really what you need is a marketing strategy that’s unique to YOU. I’ll help you find your unique path and finally create momentum in a way that feels easy.



You’re pursuing something new. That’s exciting — and scary! Understanding how to be present, release stress, and stay confident as you grow is crucial to your success. You’ll cultivate mindful habits into your business so you can truly have an impact.



Are you ready to market your business feeling confident, organised, inspired, and clear on your next steps?

Here’s how we can collaborate to help you build a thriving legacy and do it right!


Learn how to blend modern marketing with mindful practices to elevate, grow and thrive as a business owner — with the support of an intimate community of entrepreneurs just like you.


I’ll personally coach you through creating a customised marketing playbook, leveraging the right tools and strategising your next 6-12 months out to help you reach your next level of success.


Receive access to ongoing coaching, a community of aligned entrepreneurs on the rise, and fresh insights to support your business growth inside my intimate mastermind.

“Emily truly is the Mindful
Marketing Maven.”

“She passionately blended her expertise in both mindset and marketing to inspire and guide me on my business journey. I don’t think I’d be where I am now without Emily. I’d recommend her in a heartbeat.”

Clinical Nutritionist

Claudine Grace