The Mindful Marketing Maven

Meet Emily May

Marketing Strategist & Business Coach guiding passion-led corporate escapees gain traction, grow their business, and reach their ideal customers — with marketing strategies. that align with their values.

 “There is no greater gift you can give or receive than to honour your calling. It's why you were born. And how you become most truly alive.” 

Oprah Winfrey

Hi, I'm Emily!

How did I end up serving folks like *you*? Glad you asked… 

Hi! I’m Emily, Marketing Strategist and Business Coach, who works side by side with purpose-led business owners to demystify marketing and create a solid business plan and marketing strategy for their business - one that supports their vision and aspirations for their business and life.

With 17 years experience in Management Consulting and Corporate Marketing roles under my belt, I became highly skilled in creating marketing plans and business strategies. And I developed a true passion for marketing segmentation, the art of clearly defining your ideal client and tailoring your marketing plan specifically to them.

But, I was exhausted and burnt out from years of bullying and working in toxic corporate environments not aligned to my values. The long hours and relentless restructuring eventually took its toll. I finally escaped to create a more mindful and purpose-led life working with people who inspired me every single day.

I developed systems and processes, like my signature M³ Method focused on Mapping, Marketing & Mindset, to navigate how to show up without feeling like life and entrepreneurship is a constant merry-go-round ride.

And it worked! Not only did my business quickly scale, but I was able to apply these techniques with the same results over and over for my clients.

My passion is helping other fellow Corporate Escapees build a purpose and value-led business and life of their dreams…on their terms.

Corporate Escapee
a person who has escaped the corporate rat race after years of feeling unfulfilled and trapped in their job, to pursue their dreams through showcasing their talents in their own business

Mindful Marketing Maven 

expert in the attentive or careful development of activities involved in the transfer of goods or services from a seller to a buyer.

It's because my approach goes beyond just the numbers and the strategy (both very important) — it also incorporates the one thing that's essential to supporting you through every phase of your growth: your mindset.

 [ kawr-per-it, -prit ] [ ih-skey-pee, es-key- ]

[ mahynd-fuhl ] [ mahr-ki-ting ] [ mey-vuhn ]

Live a purposeful, authentic life fully aligned to your vision and values

Create financial and time freedom for you and your family, on your terms

Mindfully take your business to a new level of success, your way

When you cultivate a positive mindset as
an entrepreneur, you'll be able to...

Emily May is a Marketing Strategist & Business Coach who guides Corporate Escapees to elevate their businesses to the next level. Her clients have been able to fast-track their earnings from 4 to 5 figure months consistently through her signature M³ Method, focused on Mapping, Marketing & Mindset.

Through her individual and group coaching programs, Emily has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs by integrating her Bachelor Degrees in Business Management and Business Marketing, 17+ years of corporate marketing experience and mindset coach expertise.

Emily’s personal journey from the corporate world to successful Entrepreneur built the grit and determination to drive her mission to help women fast-track their business with her proven track record in creating impactful marketing strategies.

So who is Emily May?

 about me...

A little more

Emily resides in Melbourne, Australia with her partner Dave, son Edward, bonus daughter Ari and Muffin the cat (yes, she’s a crazy cat lady!).

She loves traveling the world to see her favourite rock band, Pearl Jam (13 countries and counting!)

When she’s not coaching or dissecting the latest marketing trends and strategies, you’ll find Emily hanging out at the beach on her SUP, walking in her 5 finger shoes (yes they are both comfy and practical), riding her scooter or sipping on a chai latte with a dash of honey (tea leaves of course!)

Working to live not living to work: Creating a business and life aligned with honouring family and personal time is essential for positive physical and mental health.

Purpose-led connections: Leading from a place of purpose and connection with others on the same purpose-led path makes us feel lit up.

Mindset over madness: Incorporating meditation and mindful actions into business and life means truly being present and mindful in all interactions.

Values are super important to me…and I like to instill them into my clients. Here’s a list of my 7 core values:

Success is a journey not a destination: Creating and connecting with a long term vision, whilst being fully present in every moment.

Honesty, authenticity & kindness: Powerful connections come from acting with honesty, authenticity and kindness.

Work smarter not harder: Planning, systematising and optimising is key to maximising output and creation.

Always keep learning and evolving: Personally and professionally striving to learn leads to upleveling and improving business and life skills.