Want to know the secret to planning for your marketing success in 2023?

You’ve been your business for some time and you’ve loved the journey but you’re not hitting your revenue goals…

With the new year soon upon us, you’re looking to how you can have a bigger impact with your business in 2023.

I hear you…I see you…

And with the increasing talk of an impending recession, it’s got you thinking.

There’s a lot of upside…

History shows us that great ideas and inventions have come out of the slower economic times. Airbnb, Microsoft, Uber and even Disney are just four examples!

And these companies have shown downtimes can be the launchpad for innovative thinking and significant technological social advancements.

Plan for your success now

Business Coach with Post It Notes Planning Marketing activity

I see 2023 as a year of opportunity and growth and I hope you do too…or will!

And it’s my hope that you can plan for success and reaching higher levels of success than you ever have before!

As a Marketing Strategist and Business Coach, I coach my clients on my unique M3 Method. It focuses on three key areas: marketing, mapping and mindset.

Mapping is my label for “planning” and it’s fundamental in business and marketing success.

In my corporate career, it was the key to my success…and in my business this also rings true.

And I encourage all my clients to embrace it.

It’s not the most sexy part of running a business, but I’m a true believer that it’s one of the most important.

It’s a massive time saver and it leads to more aligned marketing, messaging and offerings. Freeing you up to serve your clients and earn more money in your business.

You need to plan for success…not hope and pray it will happen. Whilst I’m a big believer in trusting the universe, I’m also a realist.

In business and the marketing of your business, planning is crucial.

So with this in mind, in looking forward to how you make a big impact in 2023, here’s my top tips for how you can plan for success.

It’s also how you can start your new year off on the right foot.

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1. Know your vision

How can you get to where you want to go without a plan?

If you’re going on a holiday, to get there you make plans, like booking flights and accommodation.

And there’s even more planning involved in running a business. As CEO of your business, you’re wearing many hats.

I see so many business owners and entrepreneurs flying by the seat of their pants, trying in vain to make ends meet.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

And it starts with having a clear vision. And this comes down to your Why.

  • Why do you do what you do?
  • Why do you serve who you serve?
  • What’s your higher purpose?

It’s true of most entrepreneurs and small business owners that they do what they do as they want to leave a legacy.

You’ve done the corporate thing and learnt a lot. You’ve also been burnt out or exposed to things that didn’t align with your values or your why.

As you know, running your own business isn’t for the faint hearted. But it’s also one of the most rewarding journeys you can go on and I wouldn’t swap it for the world.

And what truly drives business success is your why. Your vision. I break this down into six categories:

  • Physical health and wellbeing
  • Mental health and practices
  • Relationships
  • Business
  • Financial Freedom
  • Time Freedom

When I work with clients 1:1 and in my group coaching programs, I delve into each of these areas and explore what matters.

Emily May Marketing Strategist with 1:1 Coaching Client

I encourage you to explore these for yourself. If you’re a words kind of person, journal it out. If you’re visual, play in Canva or use magazine or newspaper cut out to create your Vision Board. If you’re more an auditory person, record and listen to your vision. All even better yet, do all three!

2. Say No, to Say Yes

This is one of my favourite mantras…and when I embodied it, my life and business began to change.

This is a lot about boundaries and knowing your limits.

Knowing your priorities in life and business and choosing when to say no is a true game changer.

Get clear on your vision and your priorities. When you know what you need to do to maximise your time and the outcomes you’re seeking, saying no is empowering.

Because you’re saying yes to you.

You’re saying yes to your priorities.

And you’re owning your truth.

This ladders up a lot to having plans. And knowing the vision for your life and business.

If you’re a people pleaser or yes person, start saying no to the things and people that aren’t aligned with your priorities.

3. Know your ideal client

When you try to serve everyone, you serve no one.

Make it your mission to get to know your ideal client.

Clarify who your ideal client is and double down on learning everything about them.

Set your business up to serve your clients as your number one priority.

And make it your mission to show up for them every week. In blogs. Social posts. Emails.

Surprise and delight them.

Show up on socials. If they comment on your posts, comment back. If they message you, message them back. If they email you, email them back.

Know what makes them tick. Know what they want, need and like. And do everything you can to serve them.

And in their eyes, be the master of whatever your area of speciality is. Become the person they must work with. That they only want to work with.

Create raving fans in your existing clients who advocate for you.

And create a waitlist of people wanting to work with you.

But this doesn’t happen over night…and this brings me to my final tip…

4. Be consistent

Marketing Coach with iPad

Consistency is your best friend when it comes to marketing.

You need to show up consistently.

This means consistent emails to your subscribers. If you’ve chosen weekly, don’t skip a week. Bi-weekly, send it every two weeks. Monthly, send it monthly. Be consistent whatever that is and feels comfortable to you and your business.

In your social media, post consistently…don’t do a blitz where you’re posting every day one week and then disappear for a few weeks

I recommend my clients post two to three times a week on Instagram.

Daily is also suitable, depending on your business. Posting too often can mean your followers may not take as much notice of your posts if they see them too regularly. So strike the right balance for you and your business.

Find a rhythm that works for you, and stick with it. That’s the key.

Your engaged clients will come to expect or look out for your emails or posts. And this is when you know they’re loyal followers and likely to buy your goods or services.

In business you always want to be nurturing your funnel.

This includies having active clients, who are working with you right now.

Prospects who are considering or close to becoming your clients.

And those new to your world that you will nurture through via your marketing activity. Converting them is influenced by you communicating with them consistently and offering your products and services to them on a regular basis.

Planning is crucial for a sustainable and successful business

I hope that these four tips have sparked some curiosity for you to explore and use to grow your business.

With the end of year approaching and the dawning of a new year not far behind, I hope these tips will help you make a big impact in 2023!

If you’d like some helping planning your 2023, I’d love to help you. Head over to my work with me page, and schedule a time for a discovery call and let’s chat!

Business Coach with Post It Notes Planning Marketing activity

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