You may have noticed I’ve been a little quiet online this year.

It was unintentional. In fact, being the hyper organised gal that I am, I’d mapped out the whole year with social media content, emails, blogs, FB group posts.

I teach consistency. Keeping going even if you get no one interacting. No one responding. You just gotta keep going and showing up.

But when I held my son in my arms, things changed.

I changed.

I was still the same person but now I held a new role.

I was a mother.

And I had to get my head around this new incredibly important role, which will also be the most important role in my life.

And I wanted to embrace every single moment.

I didn’t really want to share it.

But mostly I wanted to embrace my intention to be present.

In every moment and for every experience.

My intention was clear: be present

And in doing so, definitely practising what I preach from my mindset teachings.

And I’m really profoundly grateful I did this.

My son has been a true gift and someone I’ve wanted in my life for a very long time.

I’ve dreamed of being a mother but it took a long time to meet my person and for Edward to become a reality.

And I’m fully conscious how many aren’t able to become parents so it’s an experience not lost on me for a second.

So when the time came for my son to arrive earthside I just wanted to bottle it all up and be in the moment.

Photo of Emily contemplating motherhood

And to trust…

Trust that this is what I’m meant to be doing in this moment.

Trust that my business will be ok.

Trust that my clients will be ok.

Trust that I’ll get back to my business when the time is right.

It’s been a truly surrendering experience and a profound experiment in truly trusting the universe.

So what did you do all year I hear you asking?

Well, if you’re already a mum or dad, you know the drill:

A lot of breastfeeding, cuddles, changing countless nappies, soaking clothes, washing clothes, hanging them out and folding. And when he began to eat, a lot of food preparation!

I often wondered how and why mums said they never even had time to shower. And I didn’t get it.

Well, I do now…

It’s amazing how quickly a day can fly by after you feed your little one, put them to sleep and run some errands.

Add in a library visit or playgroup and the day’s gone. Before you know it you’re preparing dinner and then sleep time.

And you wake up, and the next day it all begins again.

Some would say it’s monotonous and to an extent, it is.

But I personally have loved it.

Perhaps it’s because I like structure and consistency.

I found myself in a different world and just surrendered to the moment and every experience.

And because it happened later in life I was truly and profoundly grateful for each and every moment no matter how tired I was.

I wouldn’t say I had a lot of time on my hand as looking after a baby is full time work!

I may not have been showing up on social media…but I was always observing, reading, watching. I was still working with and serving a few of my clients.

And the space to write new programs.

And the space to embrace the latest and emerging marketing trends.

And the space to connect with other entrepreneurs and find out what’s working and not working for them and their business.

And the result is a lot of ideas, tweaks to my offerings and how I show up and market myself and my business!

A recurring topic and theme that did keep popping up was cost of living so it would be remiss of me skip this over.

Cost of living crisis and its impact on your business

There’s no doubt that the recurring theme or buzz words of 2023 was “cost of living”.

It truly is a global crisis that has been on the tip of so many tongues.

It’s impacting the everyday lives of everyone.

The day I paid $8.13 for an almond chai latte was the day I said enough is enough. I’m bringing this in-house!

Small businesses and entrepreneurs have certainly been hit hard.

But I’m a big believer that if you stand by your offering and your business, it will reap results and returns.

You need to back yourself and your business. 

The reason you got into it.

Your purpose.

Your why.

And it’s why I love working with passion-led entrepreneurs because they are leading the way in their thinking and approach to life and business.

But I say this as someone who’s done the work.

I’m not saying I have all the answers, but having a baby at the age of 44 has truly taught me that there are two aspects to getting the things in life you want.

Emily May typing on her latptop

1. Do the work

Running your own business is serious stuff. And it’s hard.

But it’s so rewarding.

You’re living your dreams.

Your dharma.

Your purpose.

You’re having an impact on the world.

But you can’t just envisage what you want and hope it happens. You also need to do the work.

Now these two concepts may sound contradictory but they’re not. They work hand in hand.

Envisage what you want. Embody it. Know and trust.

But whatever your business is, you need to then do the work.

From a marketing perspective this means:

  1. Getting your business name right
  2. Knowing your customer
  3. Creating your website and regularly updating it
  4. Social media strategy and executing it
  5. Email marketing strategy
  6. Developing your offerings and always refining
  7. Getting your pricing right
  8. Networking and collaborating with others

2. Hand it over to the Universe

Once you’ve done the business and marketing “work”,  you then have to embrace the woo woo.

And I know this can be hard for some of us Corporate Escapees given what we’ve had hammered into us in our corporate jobs. But you gotta trust me on this…

You have to surrender to the universe.

This means envisioning what you want.

Creating vision boards.


Creating intentions and incorporating them into your meditations and your everyday life.

Get out of your own way and surrender.

Let what’s meant to be, be.

Emily May meditating

2023 is almost over…so now what?

Was it just me or did 2023 just zoom by?

My little boy is nearly turning 1 and I can’t believe how fast 2023 went.

With the year drawing to a close, I’ve been laser focused on how I’ll show up in 2024 and how to guide my clients to excel in their businesses too.

My return will be phased and slow at first.

You’ll see me post more regularly on social media (but not as much as I used to pre-bub!).

I’ll be sending out emails to those in my inner circle (not signed up yet? Here’s how!)

I’ll be working with clients 1:1

So stay posted for more!

I’m predicting 2024 to be a huge year for those passion-led corporate escapees and entrepreneurs ready to take a leap of faith in themselves, their business and their clients.

I can’t wait for it to start and to support you and your journey towards growing your business to support the life you desire.

Emily and Edward

Marketing Strategist & Business Coach guiding ambitious, purpose-led Corporate Escapees to elevate their business to the next level through with my signature M³ Method.

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Dec 9, 2023

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Download to create a plan for your business that’s aligned to your vision and purpose. I want you to feel excited and empowered to market your business, your way.

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