For entrepreneurs who want a personalised roadmap to run and market a business on their terms…

I’ll equip you with the strategies, habits, and tools you need to step into your next level of success — while prioritising your mindset, purpose, and core values.

Which is why you’re probably wondering… Why does it feel like you’re going around in circles?

It might be because… 
  • You’ve been paying someone else to do your marketing (and it doesn’t feel true to your personality)
  • You’ve invested in multiple online courses (with no tangible results)
  • You’re still recovering from corporate burnout (I totally relate!)
  • You have a clear vision of what you want to achieve, but the action steps to get there feel overwhelming (no kidding — entrepreneurs should win medals for multitasking!)

Most importantly, it’s likely because you want to create a marketing strategy that works, feels aligned with your values, and is *actually* doable. 

You're ambitious, focused, and ready to move the needle on your business

All you need now is an expert to light the path forward!

That’s exactly why I offer highly personalised (and limited) coaching to help you map, market, and mindfully grow your business.

Here’s why: 

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Emily. She’s the real deal and an expert in "mindful marketing”.

I love the 1:1 approach as Emily's method has been tailored to my business. Her M³ Method speaks to the depth of her knowledge; which has helped me see what’s possible. I appreciate Emily's expertise in marketing, her personability, and ability to express and convey the content in a simple and effective way. I feel excited and confident that investing in 1:1 Marketing Coaching with Emily will take my business to the next level.


(When I say personalised — I mean it. Think voice messaging access, curated books, customised quote decks, surprise gifts in the mail, and more…)

I want to help you make a REAL impact. 

By understanding who you truly are, what your mission is and learning to have fun with your marketing, we can help you build a legacy you’re truly proud of.

So, if you’re seeking:
  • A safe space to be vulnerable and share your true goals — and be your authentic self
  • A simpler, more mindful way to market your business
  • High-touch support and coaching to execute your strategy
  • A direct and thoughtful coaching approach

And you *also* want to:
  • Wake up each day without a sense of dread or overwhelm
  • Spend time doing the things *you* want to do
  • Prioritise your loved ones

I’ll help you execute your vision with greater ease, success, and accountability! 

Dani M. Peterson

Relational & Betrayal Trauma Coach

High-level planning. Systems. Organising. To most: it’s overwhelming and challenging. But it’s my chief love language and superpower — and your key to creating a sustainable, successful business!



Every offer I create walks you through my signature M³ Method – developed and tested over years of marketing, continuous learning and paying close attention to what *works* in the online space.

Everyone says their way is best, when really what you need is a marketing strategy that’s unique to YOU. I’ll help you find your unique path and finally create momentum in a way that feels easy.



You’re pursuing something new. That’s exciting — and scary! Understanding how to be present, release stress, and stay confident as you grow is crucial to your success. You’ll cultivate mindful habits into your business so you can truly have an impact.



Are you ready to market your business feeling confident, organised, inspired, and clear on your next steps?

Here’s how we can collaborate to help you build a thriving legacy and do it right!

We’ll collaborate on:

This is how our time together will unfold:

Developing your core Marketing Playbook with a clear vision, values, clearly defined customer, offerings, pricing, and more


Planning your marketing strategy for the next 6-12 months


Personal development through the integration of various mindful practices (whatever feels best for you!)


We’ll kick off our time together by clarifying your vision, assessing the current state of your business and diving right into working towards your goals. 

Did someone say sounding board on speed dial? You’ll have personal access to me via Voxer (voice messaging) and email to answer any burning questions and provide feedback quickly.

Each fortnight will dive into a focused topic, strategy or challenge you need the most support with in that moment. I’ll hold you accountable to making consistent progress, taking action and leveling up.

I secretly believe that *everyone* would enjoy marketing more if they understood quarterly planning! We’ll get tactical and strategic every quarter to look to the future while understanding what’s been working for you already, and what needs to shift. You’ll get access to my customised, easy tools to make this a breeze!

Tap into my personal Meditation Library anytime to help you get grounded and show up as your best self in your personal life *and* business. Learning how to flex your mindset muscle sets you up to run your business with greater calm, connection and clarity!

Everything we do together blends modern marketing with a mindful approach *and* puts your personality, preferences and Real Self first. Together, we’ll make sure your strategies feel honest to how you want to show up and support your growth.

I’ll support you over 6-12 months together through:

We’re a perfect match if:

You’re an entrepreneur with 18+ months of experience running your business

You’ve got the basics in place for your business, and you’re ready to work towards your first or next six figures

You understand the importance of marketing but would love to have various strategies distilled down into something aligned to your own business and personality

Your business is intimately connected to your purpose 

You’re actively seeking to grow, evolve and deepen your knowledge and connections 

Confident and connected to your purpose — and how to integrate it into your business

Clear on your next steps to market your business and reach more of the people you want to serve

Totally allergic to the idea of ever returning to the world of corporate!

After our time together, you can expect to feel:


Here’s what happens next:

Ready to connect?


  1. Book a Discovery Call using the button below.
  2. If we’re a good fit after we chat, I’ll send over your contract and our next steps.
  3. We’ll kick things off with a 90-minute Deep Dive session together!

"You've supported me to bring myself through, rather than using a "cookie cutter approach" 

Working with Emily has been a transformative journey for my business and I. What’s really stood out for me is the thoroughness of her approach, including both the “big picture stuff” and her attention to detail. Coupled with the fun and gentle way she shows up and the passion and commitment in all our interactions has made it a truly game-changing experience.

All in all, I have full trust in Emily’s knowledge, experience and M³ Method, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the support she’s provided me.

Alma Brock

Integrative Somatic Therapist