Elevate your marketing and 2023 could be a game changing year for you.

With another year down an exciting new year is in front of us.

It’s three years since the pandemic began and there’s no question that it was a tough time to be a business owner. And small businesses bore the brunt of it.

But that’s all behind us…you survived and made it through.

And now it’s time to thrive.

It’s time to grow your business.

How you market your business and your offerings is crucial to your success. I’m going to give you some tips on how you elevate your marketing in 2023.

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1. Be consistent

2. Connect with your followers and clients

3. Stand for something and own it

4. Focus on 1 social platform and blitz it

Let’s dive in and explore each of these ways to elevate your marketing in more detail!

1. Be consistent

I talk about this a lot.

It’s because it’s so important.

I talk to clients who become despondent if they don’t get responses to their emails, likes or comments on their social media posts.

The truth? It doesn’t actually matter.

How do I know?

Because it doesn’t.

If you look at some social accounts with lots of followers on Instagram and look at the number of likes and comments, it’s usually a tiny %.


Sad fact, but quite often, it’s because they’ve bought their followers. Yep, they’ve paid to have a bunch of fake accounts follow them and aren’t as popular as you may think.

It could also be because they post too often. Their followers are less inclined to engage with each and every post as they see them so often so it becomes like wall paper to them.

A third reality is that their posts are seen, but followers don’t engage. And that’s ok. Think about your own behaviour when you’re online.

I bet these last two reasons might describe your social media habits.

The reality is marketing is a long term strategy. Rome wasn’t built in a day. And it takes time to build your business and your brand.

And it all comes down to consistency.

Consistent messaging.

Consistent look and feel (branding).

Consistent emails (whatever that is for you: weekly, bi-weekly/fortnightly or monthly)

Consistent posting on your social channel(s) of choice.

Consistent appearances in your Facebook Groups.

Consistent networking.

Consistent messaging.

Consistent following up with prospects.

Don’t get despondent if you don’t get likes, comments or replies. Your clients are watching and they are taking note.

And when the time is right for them to buy from you, they will.

2. Connect with your followers and clients

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Connections are where and how you build your business and elevate your marketing.

When you first start out in business, your closest circle of friends and colleagues will provide a launching pad for your business.

And they will celebrate you and your business and share it with their friends…and it will grow from there.

As you network and become known for what you do, your followers and email list will grow.

As you build your following on your social media, your reputation will continue to grow. As will your number of followers.

What’s important is to engage with your followers. Get to know them.

If they send you an email, reply in a timely way. Ask them questions and get to know them.

Invite them along to a workshop you’re offering, get them to subscribe to your lead magnet. Start and continue a conversation with them.

If they comment on your social media, respond.

If they follow you, follow them back. Support them. Engage with them. Talk to them.

If you’re in Facebook Groups, comment on people’s posts. Post interesting content yourself (within the rules of the group) and respond to any comments posted.

Keep in touch with past clients through your regular emails as well as sending them DMs or Zoom calls occasionally. Keep them in your world and advocating for you.

Consider sending them voice mails to check in. Stay connected and keep the conversation going.

And when there’s an opportunity, they might choose to work with you again!

Business is all about relationships so invest in them now and in the future. And it will pay off…and it’s such a rewarding and fulfilling part of being a business owner and entrepreneur.

3. Stand for something and own it

Marketer owning her space

Take the time to know to clarify your offerings and your brand messaging.

Create your signature method, your unique way of working with clients. Talk about it. Post about it.

Get your clients advocating for your unique method of working with them and why.

Have clear offerings but don’t have too many. Streamline them but don’t stretch yourself thin.

Ideally, have three to four. But you want to be known for something.

I spent a lot of time clarifying mine and it was so rewarding once I narrowed them down to three public offers:

But I also have under the table offerings that I don’t advertise or promote, but I offer to certain clients.

Once you’ve clarified your offers, own your space.

Own your offers.

Be clear on who your ideal clients are and tailor your marketing to them.

Create blogs, podcasts, videos, regular emails and social posts about your offerings and what you stand for.

Be consistent and become the known authority in your space.

4. Focus on 1 social platform and blitz it

Social Media review on iPad

There are so many social platforms.

And there’s pros and cons for using each one.

And there’s different ways to engage on each platform.

And you want to be focused on channels where your audience spends its time.

It’s my own personal experience and in coaching my wonderful clients, that you should first focus on one social platform and growing it. Grow your confidence in creating content and serving your followers on this platform.

You can then start to set your sights on another channel and start to grow it with the learnings you’ve already gained.

But, each social channel is unique so it’s important to create creative and content tailored to each channel.

There’s many different intricacies involved in each channel. Ideally, post relevant content, targeted at your clients, optimised for that channel.

Get to know your channel of choice (ideally the best channel where your ideal clients are hanging out) and own it and grow it…and then move onto the next platform.

So there you have it…my top 4 tips for how to elevate your marketing in 2023.

2023 is going to be a huge year of growth and change. And it provides a huge opportunity for the brave and the bold.

Please embrace these four tips and elevate your marketing to the next level.

1. Be consistent

2. Connect with your followers and clients

3. Stand for something and own it

4. Focus on 1 social platform and blitz it

I’d love to hear what most resonates with you, so please comment below. And if you have any questions, please reach out to me via Instagram or comment below and I’ll be touch!

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Jan 18, 2023

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